S&L PRODUCE, INC. Joins Frosty Acres Group (F.A.B., INC.)

Because we live in fast paced, innovative times, products and packaging are ever changing! The progression of most any company relies on the innovative and ever changing ideas of the companies they trade with! It is for this reason S&L Produce, Inc. has made the transition to FROSTY ACRES GROUP, or F.A.B., INC. F.A.B., Inc. is an energetic and enthusiastic company. Enlisting the aid of their accomplished and highly motivated staff, they aim to produce for their members turnkey concepts, along with establishing and achieving both short and long-term company goals, as well as powerful product cost savings! All of which, in the end, will benefit YOU, our VALUED customer! You can always expect from S&L Produce, Inc. the superb QUALITY products you have grown to love, now in our new house brand label and packaging, RESTAURANT'S PRIDE! That's right, SUPERIOR QUALITY PRODUCTS, at GREATER COMPETITIVE PRICING, and always with our EXCEPTIONAL CUSTOMER SERVICE! RESTAURANT'S PRIDE! Ask for it by name!